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Free Breakfast Church - Every Sunday Morning in Atlanta!

Just wanted to share the news about a new and wonderful ministry initiative of a friend of mine, Pastor Shaun King, 29-year-old lead pastor of The Courageous Church in downtown Atlanta.

It's called the Free Breakfast Church, and anyone and everyone is welcome to come for a FREE breakfast from 9:00 to 10:30 am with NO STRINGS ATTACHED! (Although it has really boosted attendance at the following church service!)

This video shows Pastor King and The Courageous Church crew as they prepare and serve the very first FREE breakfast for the Free Breakfast Church initiative!

Details and more @ http://FreeBreakfastChurch.com

I'm just really impressed by the passion this young pastor brings to living and acting the Word of God and emulating Jesus in his ministry. His blog and YouTube page and regular Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter updates are great, too.

Hopefully, this initiative can be duplicated around the country and around the world in the Body of Christ, as much as possible. I've told Shaun that this idea is so fundamentally anointed, impressive, and feasible, that we should see a veritable explosion of the idea, a Kingdom "franchise," if you will, with dozens if not hundreds of Free Breakfast Churches in every major city in the country. We should all open our churches to our surrounding communities and break bread with our neighbors! After all, Jesus broke bread with anyone and everyone too, no matter what their situation or position in society. Why shouldn't we do the same?